MC73110 Developer's Kit

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  • Integrated amplifier for driving a 3-phase brushless motor at up to 10 amps
  • Complete board schematics in PDF and ORCAD format
  • Includes reference design for the amplifier
  • Includes Pro-Motion Graphical User Interface
  • Includes C-Motion Application Program Interface, C-source the MC73110 Motor Control IC in either a Windows or an embedded environment
  • Serial port with baud rates up to 250K
  • Standalone 4" x 7" card

Product Description

PMD’s DK73110 Developer’s Kit is a complete, integrated intelligent Motor Controller and drives a 3-phase brushless motor at up to 10 can be exercised including analog velocity or torque control, commutation, generation. The DK73110 can be used to prototype your motion and measure your system performance. To create a complete functioning brushless motor is required. The kit also includes PMD’s Pro-Motion GUI, an interactive Windows-simplifies the development of motion applications using C/C++

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