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Amphenol Backplanes
Backplane with Amphenol LRM
Backplane Assembly
Backplane Assembly
 Amphenol is the leading manufacture of custom backplane assemblies using high - density, ruggedized, board to backplane interconnects. Our Backplane production capabilities include:

  • Press-Fit
  • Rigid and Rigid Flex PWB's
  • Surface Mount Soldering
  • Through-Hole Soldering
  • Hybrid Optical Electric
  • Conformal Coat

  • Amphenol Backplanes are required to perform in the most demanding environments such as commercial airliners, Army helicopters, Navy and Air Force fighters, C4I electronics, missiles, ground vehicles, and Navy warships. Our Backplanes are used on programs such as the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, F-22 Raptor, F-18 Super Hornet, Theater High Altitude Air Defense Radar, AH-64 Apache, RAH-66 Comanche, and AEGIS radars used on U.S. Navy warships.

    Amphenol provides printed circuit processing capabilities that are among the world's most advanced, specializing in high technology multilayer backplane applications.

    We are able to offer large panel sizes with high layer counts and features such as high-aspect ratio plating, small-diameter plated-through holes, and fine lines and spaces. Our applications engineers will help you sort through design and manufacturing issues such as board size, layer counts, trace routing, material selection, and power distribution. Investments at this stage ensure predictable, repeatable manufacturability with reduced costs. We offer this in conjunction with the Amphenol Corporation's complete breadth of interconnect products, giving our customers a one-stop solution.

    Amphenol is capable of supplying multiple connector types integrated into a rigid or rigid-flex backplane system. Amphenol's solutions include a wide range of connector technology to include: 0.100" x 0.100" NAFI fork and blade, 0.100" x 0.100" Bristle brush, 0.100" x 0.050" Ultra High Density (UHD) fork and blade, LRM with MIL-C-55302 type bristle brush, GEN-X with MIL-C-55302 type bristle brush, ruggedized VME-64X, filtered and non-filtered ARINC, as well as other manufacturer's interconnect products used throughout the industry.





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