PC Compatible ISA Bus Cards

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Amphenol 軍規接頭 軍用接頭 軍規電纜 軍用電纜 各式特殊電纜製作
Datel 資料擷取模組
IOtech 專業量測儀器
MccDaq 資料擷取
PDI 振盪器/濾波器
PMD 馬達控制
Semtech 軍規二極體
Ultravolt 高壓電源
智慧電網 IEC 61850
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  • Synchro, Resolver and LVDT Converters
  • Mix-Match up to 4 Single or Dual Converters/Card
  • Transformer Isolated I/O Options
  • Cards with Resident Test Ability
  • Proven "Industry Standard Converters"
  • Reliable Register Based "LSI" Logic
  • Quadrature Incremental Encoder Outputs
  • On-Board Reference Supplies
  • True 16 Bit Word Level Interface
  • No external Supplies Required

The "IB Series" product line contains IBM PC/AT and ISA 2.01 compatible synchro/resolver/analog converters, and absolute encoder card systems.

These cards are ideally suited to many serious: test, simulation, ATE, motion control, process control and data acquisition type applications for both industrial and military concerns using any IBM PC/AT compatible computer.

The IB and IBD (High Density ) Series converters provide up to 4 and 8 channels of Isolated Synchro/Resolver LVDT/RVDT or encoder interface on a single, standard full size IBM PC printed circuit card.

Computer Conversions' full line of "Industry Standard" Synchro/Resolver to Digital, and Digital to Synchro/Resolver converters, CT's and CDX's etc ... are used to populate the same standard PC boards.

Differing converters may be mixed to minimize real estate for specific applications. Both industrial and military grade (extended) temperature range versions are available.

Transformer Isolation is offered for all AC inputs and outputs, and various Isolated DC converters are available as standard product, eliminating concerns forground loops, ground interjected (intermittent and ghostly) field noise, differing potentials, and high voltage field transients from affecting the card itself and the sensitive PC backplane.

Maximum versatility has been employed on all "IB" products to assure the universal compatibility in addressing, timing, system, and specific computer hardware, software, and backplane independence.

All "IB" cards are configured with a full 16 bit range of jumper-plug selectable mode of I/O addressing . The interface is a solidly-reliable / high-speed, true 16 bit "Word-Level" register access. Simply address the I/O; and read or write the data.

Buffered latches are provided on all data lines to assure stable read and write cycles as commanded by the host. Address and control lines feature single point terminations to minimize any loading of the backplane.

Status registers are provided for various levels of fault indication, Built-in-Test (where applicable), and configuration criteria.

Software code fragments that may be used as drivers, are provided.

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