ChartScan/1400 電壓與溫度記錄器

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ChartScan/1400 - Voltage and Temperature Recorder
ChartScan/1400 電壓與溫度記錄器


  • Paperless chart recorder

  • Measure isolated temperature, DC volts, AC volts, and waveforms in one compact instrument

  • Convenient signal connectivity; recessed safety jack, or subminiature plug connections

  • Expandable up to 64 channels

  • Single-channel burst mode for digitizing waveforms at rates up to 20 kS/s

  • 32 alarm outputs and 8 digital inputs

  • Two programmable scan rates for: pre- and post-trigger sampling, and accelerated sampling on-event detection

  • 128 Kreadings of memory

  • Built-in real-time clock, synchronizes acquisition to time of day, and provides time and date stamping for trend monitoring

  • RS-232/422 standard interface

  • RS-232 to USB interface available

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Data Sheet


User's Manual


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User's Manual
PCI 資料擷取卡
ChartScan/1400 High-speed isolated temperature and voltage measurement instrument, includes RS-232 interface, ChartView and PostView software


Data Sheet User's Manual


CSN14/HVX/S 16-channel high-voltage scanning module with safety-jack connectors, 500 VDC max common mode voltage $1,399
CSN14/LV/T 16-channel low-voltage scanning module with removable screw-terminal connectors $699
CSN14/TC/P 16-channel thermocouple and voltage scanning module $799


CA-161 Cables, probe, and alligator clips for safety-jack input
CA-232-USB-KIT RS-232 to USB interface adapter
CA-47 PC/AT/XT serial port to RS-232/422 cable, 6 ft.
CN-144-JM Type J male connector
CN-144-KM Type K male connector
CN-144-TM Type T male connector
CN-144-UM Copper-to-copper male connector



Included Out-of-the-Box Data Acquisition Software for ChartScan/1400, TempScan/1100 and MultiScan/1200

ChartScan/1400, TempScan/1100 和 MultiScan/1200 內建資料擷取軟體


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