Strainbook/616 Ethernet應變儀量測系統

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Strainbook/616 - Ethernet-Based Strain Gage Measurement System
Strainbook/616 Ethernet應變儀量測系統


  • 8-channels built-in, expandable up to 64 channels per StrainBook

  • Multiple StrainBooks can be synchronized for applications >64 channels

  • Expansion options for voltage, temperature, vibration, and sound measurements

  • High-speed Ethernet interface for continuous measurement transfer to the PC

  • 1-MHz scanning A/D converter, with simultaneous sample and hold on each channel

  • 100% programmable, no mechanical pots to adjust

  • Full, half, and quarter arm support

  • 60 to 1000 Ohm bridge

  • Software-selected Shunt-Cal

  • Independent filter per channel

  • Programmable excitation source

  • DC operable for in-vehicle applications

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User's Manual


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User's Manual
PCI 資料擷取卡
StrainBook/616 Ethernet-Based Strain Gage Measurement System, 8 channel (expandable to 64 channels) $5,999 Data Sheet User's Manual



WBK10A 8-channel expansion module including AC adapter and cables $2,299
WBK11A 8-channel simultaneous sample and hold card for the WaveBook or WBK10A $1,099
WBK12A 8-Channel programmable low-pass filter card for the WaveBook or WBK10A $2,799
WBK13A 8-channel programmable low-pass filter card with simultaneous sample and hold amplifiers for the WaveBook or WBK10A $3,499
WBK15 8-channel multifunction isolated signal conditioning module for the WaveBook and StrainBook $1,599
WBK16 8-channel strain gage module, including AC adapter for the WaveBook and StrainBook $3,999
WBK16/SSH 8-channel strain gage module with simultaneous sample and hold, including AC adapter for the WaveBook and StrainBook $4,299
WBK17 8-channel multifunction counter signal conditioning module including AC adapter, digital expansion cable (CA-217), expansion/control cable (CA-129), and a BNC expansion/signal cable (CA-128) $2,699
WBK18 8-channel dynamic signal conditioning module with TEDS support for accelerometers; for WaveBook, ZonicBook, and StrainBook $4,899
WBK40 14-channel thermocouple input module for the WaveBook and StrainBook $2,199
WBK41 Multifunction I/O module for the WaveBook and StrainBook $2,299




CN-115 Header connector
CN-115-1 Shunt and completion resistor header
CN-189 Connector/adapter DB9 to screw terminal



DASYLab-Series Icon-Based Data Acquisition, Graphics, Control, and Analysis Software
DASYLab系列 圖控軟體為基礎的資料擷取, 圖形介面, 控制介面及分析軟體


Included Out-of-the-Box Data Acquisition Software for the WaveBook/516E and StrainBook/616

WaveBook/516E 和 StrainBook/616 內建資料擷取軟體


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